26 March, 2020 – New Updates

Having just returned from abroad, I am on day six of a fourteen day quarantine. It is an ideal time to update the website with a few new goodies I’ve had on my desk. As there is no longer a “what’s new” section on the website, these recent additions are marked with a “new” icon in their appropriate category. New items listed/to be listed include an AFC WWI grouping, a British War medal to Canada’s Black Battalion, a Gibralter key……..
Please stay safe during these unfamiliar and challenging times.
Our ancestors were asked to join the war effort and experienced extreme shortages. In 2020, we can all be patient while we take the time required to protect ourselves. Perhaps this is an opportunity for us all to slow down and get back to a less rushed day. I am enjoying this time to read through my military library. Keep in touch. The “old-fashioned” telephone still works really well. Be careful. Tanya Ursual