About Tanya UrsualTanya Ursual is the owner of E.G. Ursual, Military Antiquarian Inc., Canada’s leading military dealer since 1977.

Tanya joined the firm in 1990. She directed the business to an online store and created one of the internet’s first user-friendly, fully-functional military source websites at www.medalsofwar.com. With 29 years of experience gained alongside some of the world’s leading experts, Tanya remains a key source for high-quality military medals and badges. She is present at most of the international military shows and is privileged to serve as Dix Noonan Webb’s (Auctions) North American representative. She regularly conducts appraisals for national museums and evaluations for private collections.  Despite working long hours, Tanya regularly volunteers in the community and has long been an advocate for animal rights and the  protection of our planet.