WWI Victory medal (2. Lieut. L. McKnight) K.I.A. Sept 16/16 -49th Battalion


WWI Victory medal (2.Lieut L. McKnight).  With copied attestation paper revealing that Locksley McKnight was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick  30 December, 1889.  He was living at 101st St. Edmonton, Alberta, at the time of enlistment.  With previous service of one year with the 101st Edmonton Fusiliers and the 56th Overseas Battalion.  The C.E.F. Roll of Honour lists Lieut Locksley McKnight with the 49th Battalion, as having been killed-in-action at 27-years-of-age on September 16, 1916.  Curiously the medals in named in reverse with the engraving reading left-to-write when examined with the reverse side up.  McKnight attended Columbia University with the intention of returning to obtain his PhD.  http://www.warmemorial.columbia.edu/locksley-mcknight.  With original silk ribbon.

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