Royal Humane Society medal silver for HALIFAX WHARF RESCUE


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An original Royal Humane Society medal small silver named to “Daniel Hunt, 9th November, 1888.” With extensive paperwork and documentation detailing the award:

Summary of the award reads: 4 pm, Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia-9th November, 1888. The rescued man, who was in a drunken state, endeavoured to get on board a steamer after the gangway had been taken away and in doing so he fell into the water between the ship and the quay. 20 to 30 feet deep- a heavy sea on. HUNT at great risk lowered himself by a hanging rope to the fender and caught hold of the man, but in doing so his left leg was thrown out behind him, and the ship giving a sudden lurch crushed his foot- he still held tenaciously to the man and kept him up until a ladder was lowered when he was brought out. The foot of the Salvor was so crushed that it was amputated the same night.
The incident was witnessed by Lt. Gen’l W. Laurie who sent the case, as well as a Mr. Best. There were several other witness accounts and newspaper accounts. Documentation also includes a copy of the Register of Extremes of Temperature for the Halifax Harbour for the month of November 1888.
The Morning Chronicle November 12, 1888 reads: HIS FOOT JAMMED TO JELLY: An accident of a very serious character befell Daniel Hunt on Saturday afternoon, on Phelan’s Wharf, as the seamer Carroll was leaving for Boston. A passenger from Cape Breton, who was somewhat intoxicated, about to go onto the steamer fell overboard into the water. Hunt got down the steamer’s side to rescue the man and while there the vessel suddenly came against the wharf, catching Hunt’s foot between it and the fender and crushing it in a fearful manner. Hunt succeeded in getting a rope around the Cape Bretoner, who was hauled ashore without injury but who missed his passage to Boston. Hunt was removed to Victoria General hospital, where it was found necessary to amputate the left foot at the ankle. He was doing as well as could be expected late last night. Hunt is a married man about 40 years of age, a labourer, and it is said has saved two lives from drowning previous to his experience of Saturday.
With a map of the Halifax Harbour and layout of the docks in relation to the Citadel. R.H.S. medals in silver are SCARCE to Canadians.


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