Royal Canadian Mounted Police Long Service Medal, E.II.R., 2nd issue (H.J.F. Ade) with rare Commissioner’s Gold medal for Essay Competition.


Howard James Frederick Ade was born 23/11/1914 in Metcalfe, Ontario.  He joined the RCMP in Ottawa on 01/07/1937.  He served in “Depot,” ” detachments F, L, H, A, D, K, A, HQ and O.  He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant, Reserve Constable and then retired 17/10/1957.  He died in 1997.  In 1942 he was awarded the first prize in the Commissioner’s essay competition, received the gold medal, 48mm, with silver RCMP overlay badge and engraved to “Constable H.J.F. Ade, 1942.”  Rare.  Both items nearly extremely fine.

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