RCMP – Deputy Commissioner J. W. Spalding (23 Apr 1900 – 23 Apr 1937) attributable miniature medal framed grouping


1935 Jubilee Medal (silver) & Royal Canadian Mounted Police Long Service and Good Conduct (silver, George V)  J. W. Spalding, Reg. No. 3667. Miniatures mounted as worn and LSGC medal on a swivel suspender. Accompanied with 2 photos in uniform and a copy of R.C.M.P. Quarterly, Volume 2, April, 1935, Number 4, pp. 29-30 which confirms entitlement of George V LSGC as the “first presentation of the R.C.M. Police Long Service Medals” having taken place in Ottawa by the Governor General of Canada on “12th March 1935”. File with photos in uniform. Medals are framed with photo.

RCMP “Scarlet and Gold”, 31st Ed. 1941, Roll of Members Veteran’s Association, Calgary, Alberta: Name: Spalding, J. W. / Reg. No. 3667 / Date of Discharge: April 1937 / Years of Service: 37 years / Date Joined RNWMP Veteran’s Assn. Feb., 1941″ (p.p. 42 – 48).

Deputy Commr. James Wilson Spalding (Rtd.), 83, died July 4, 1961 at White Rock, B.C. He joined the NWMP as a constable (Reg. No. 3667) at Regina, N.W.T., on Apr. 23, 1900. He was made corporal on Apr. 1, 1903 and a sergeant Jan. 1, 1905. He became a sergeant major on May 1, 1907 and was commissioned an Inspector on Apr. 1, 1912. He was raised to a Superintendent on Oct. 15, 1929 and became an Assistant Commissioner June 15, 1931. On Nov. 15, 1932, he became Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Force and was transferred to Ottawa. He was confirmed in that rank May 15, 1933. He retired to pension Apr. 23, 1937. (See Old-Timers’ Column).

Confirmed for Geo V Silver Jubilee Medal 1935 on Stationary “BUCKINGHAM PALACE“: “By Command of HIS MAJESTY THE KING the accompanying Medal is forwarded to DEPUTY COMMISSIONER JAMES WILSON SPALDING, R.C.M.P. to be worn in commemoration of Their Majesties’ Silver jubilee 6th May, 1935”

Provenance: Acquired by Brent Fletcher, (Command Post) Victoria, B.C. directly from Sandra Spalding the daughter of Assistant Commissioner Frank Spurr Spalding and granddaughter of Deputy Commissioner J. W. Spalding

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