Punjab medal 1848-49, no clasp (Ensign T.C. Merrick, 3rd Bengal N.I.)


Punjab medal 1848-49, no clasp (Ensign T.C. Merrick, 3rd Bengal N.I.).

Footnote:  T.C. Merrick was born 4 September, 1822 at Bathwick Somerset. He was the son of Thomas Merrick, an Officer in the British Army.  In 1842, he was recommended for Cadetship by Sir George Best Robinson and was was commissioned an Ensign on 10 December 1842 and was promoted to Lieutenant in January 1850; granted the brevet of Captain on 10 December 1857 and was advanced to that rank in February 1858. As an Ensign in the 3rd Bengal Native Infantry he served in the Second Sikh War under Brigadier Wheeler and was present at the assault on the heights of Dullah.  He spent the remainder of his career supervising the construction of irrigation and canals, mentioned in despatches for his excellent work.  He was promoted to Colonel before retiring 6 Nov, 1871.  He died in Ireland in 1891.

From the collection of the late Fred Rockwood.  Sold with copied bio and other paperwork.

Minor edge bruising, very fine.

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