North West Canada 1885 medal clasp Saskatchewan (Ex-Constable T.H. Hoyland, N.W.M.P.)- at Batoche and Duck Lake.


North West Canada 1885 medal clasp Saskatchewan (Ex-Constable T.H. Hoyland,. N.W.M.P.).  Confirmed in Don Klancher’s book “The North West Mounted Police and the North West Rebellion,” for both the medal and clasp.  Thomas Hall Hoyland

Engaged December 11, 1883 at Winnipeg.  On page 80 of his service file, Hoyland refers to his service at Batoche until the end of the rebellion. He was also at Duck Lake (page 81).  After this, he went whole days and two nights without any sleep and then marched 41 miles back to Prince Albert. Hoyland suffered poor health as a result of his service and the extremely cold temperatures he was subjected to and was never quite medically fit again. He had contracted some type of disease that caused extreme eye pain, eventually affecting his eye nerves, from which he would never fully recover (possibly Graves disease).

Discharged 5 February, 1888 at Regina.

Note: In 1911 Hoyland wrote to say his original medal and clasp had been destroyed in a fire in British Columbia. Pages 209 and 210 of Hoyland’s service file indicate he was issued a duplicate medal and clasp. In every respect, this is an original medal, with original clasp and correct naming.

Service file Hoyland:

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