Khedive’s Star 1882 replica medal


Khedives Star:

A REPLICA, full-size British Campaign medal for participation in the Egyptian War of 1882. This medal officially known as the Khedive's Star 1882. Following the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, British involvement in Egypt increased. Many British Officers were seconded to the Khedive's Army which mutinied in 1882 triggering an anti-European resistance. General Gordon was besieged at Khartoum in 1884. Navigating Egypt and the Sudan was a difficult task and, famously, Canadian voyageurs (largely Canadian natives) were recruited to navigate the Nile by boat. There are five different varieties (obverses) of the Khedive's Star which include 1882, 1884, 1884-86, undated and an undated issue with Tokar bar. Medal in fine condition with ribbon but some loss of detail to obverse from polishing. Still a very early, very famous British Campaign medal for Egypt 1882.

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