British War medal (551135 Sgt Wm Knox, LSH-RC) previous service R.N.W.M.P. #6108


British War medal (551135 Sgt Wm Knox, LSH-RC).  With copied files.  William Knox was born in Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland 5.12.1889.  He was a blacksmith and a policeman.  He served 3 years with the Dumbarton Volunteers and 1 year with the Royal North West Mounted Police.

CHARGED AT THE BATTLE OF MOREUIL WOOD WITH C SQN. There are a NUMBER OF REFERENCEs TO HIM, including a PHOTO,  IN the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regimental HISTORY.

  He attested on 7.1.16 at Winnipeg.  Knox was later confirmed as medically unfit when a horse fell on him and dislocated his shoulder in Belgium January 1919.

Significant wear and erasure to “Wm. Knox” on edge but service number, rank and unit very clear.


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