* British War medal (175385 Pte F. Stribbell, C.M.G. Bde) prior North West Mounted Police


British War medal (175385 Pte F. Stribbell, C.M.G. Bde).   North West Mounted Police records show #2129 Francis Joseph Stribbel (note the spelling with one “L”).  NWMP files confirm prior service of 3.5 years, April 26, 1888-October 6, 1891.  Records show Const. 2129 Francis Joseph Stribbel was engaged at Hamilton, Ontario on 26 April, 1888.  He was 19 years and 5 months which would make his year of birth about 1869.  Const. Stribbel was discharged from the NWMP after 3 years service and 164 days for medical reasons making him unfit for service.

WWI- Francis Frank Joseph Stribbell is acknowledged for having signed four attestation papers with four different birth years.  They all state he was born in Hamilton, Ontario and had a wife named Alice.  Other attestation papers have him signing up in Nova Scotia as a Labourer with the Mounted Police.  The next attestation paper is signed at Hamilton, Ontario with a DOB Nov 19, 1872 with four years preiovus service with the RNWMP.  Another record has him back in Hamilton with a DOB of Nov 19, 1873 and 4.5 years of service with the NWMP.

Needs more research to determine the true facts behind these conflicting records and his reasons for misrepresentation.

Very fine, nicely toned, with ribbon.

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